HIWATER RO-800 Nanomembrane


The RO-800 filter does not fundamentally differ from the RO-400 model, the main difference is an additional reverse osmosis membrane, which doubles the filter capacity, up to 2 liters per minute and almost 3000 liters per day.

Otherwise, this is a classic reverse osmosis with a subshell, it works on the basis of a reverse osmosis membrane, which removes literally almost everything from the water, except the molecules of the water itself. After that, through the fitting system, the initial, mineralized water filtered by a combined cartridge with polypropylene and activated carbon is added to the desalinated water (permeate). You regulate the amount of mineralized water in the permeate.

With this filter, you can adjust, change from 10 to the values of incoming water (if you have 250 mg/l water, then up to 230-240). To control the water for both the coffee machine and the coffee filter independently of each other – you can install two independent mixes. By putting c on espresso no higher than 110 mg/l, you can be sure that the coffee machine will not fail due to scale, and by putting about 50 mg/l through another batch, you will achieve the optimal taste for filter coffee.

This system is suitable for roasters and coffee shops, which it is important to manage the mineralization of water and experiment with various indicators and which need a lot of water.

Like all complex tools, the filter requires periodic (at least once a week) monitoring and adjustment.

Dimensions of the model

Filtration system W/W/D 50x35x12

Storage tank 11 L (3 gallons) 30x26


System capacity: up to 120 liters/hour

Capacity of the establishment: up to 600 cups per day

Service life

Pre-cleaning cartridge life: 30,000 liters or up to 8 months

Osmosis membrane resource: 70,000 liters, replacement no later than 2 years

This equipment is suitable for a steam convector, boiler, ice maker

The price of the system is 115000 ₽

The price of the pre-cleaning cartridge is - 11000 rubles.

The price of the membrane cartridge is 19500 rubles.

Check these parameters before ordering!

1. Water pressure in the water supply. It should be at least 2.5 atmospheres (check with the management company of your house or the landlord). If the pressure is less, then you will need a pump to increase the pressure.

2. Water quality (Find out on the website of the water utility of your city or using the TDS meter). If the water is above 300 ppm or you have information that the water is dirty, we advise you to put a mechanical cleaning filter.

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