PGS polymers combine three filtration methods at once : mechanical, sorption and ion exchange.
None of the existing materials provides purification for such a wide range
of chemical compounds as the Aragon PGS polymer. The removed ions
directly interact with the chemically active
surface of the polymer, bypassing the traditional
stage of diffusion deep into the granules for ion-exchange resins. As a result, the volumetric
filtration rate of PGS polymers is 10-20 times higher than that of conventional
granular ion exchange resins
This filter is based on the patented technology
of the filter material with the spatial-globular
structure "ARAGON"

Working pressure: 1-7 atm;
Operating temperature: 4-40°C;
Resource - up to 15,000 (with a total mineralization of up to 300 ppm)
The price of a set of cartridges is 14500 ₽
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